No Mess Roofing

McCuiston Roofing is the only roofing company in its service area that owns a Roofers Buggy, which is State-of-the-Art roofing equipment that was specifically designed for the removal of residential roofing debris before a new roof is installed. According to a survey done by the GAF roofing materials manufacturer, the number one concern for homeowners when they are having their roof replaced is that their flowers, shrubbery, and landscaping will be protected during the removal of the old roofing materials.

Roofers Buggy

The average house will need to have more than 7,000 pounds of roofing debris removed before a new roof can be installed. Without the proper equipment this process can be very messy and time consuming. Most roofing contractors throw roofing debris onto the ground and the falling debris can easily damage the home, landscaping, delicate flowers and shrubbery and be quite costly to replace. Nails are also a big problem and can cause flat tires and be a danger to children and the homeowners pets. The Roofers Buggy was designed to lift up to the roof and extend back over flowers and shrubs, allowing roofing debris and nails to fall directly into the container. Whatever debris does fall to the ground is quickly cleaned up by the ground crew, and magnets are constantly being rolled to make sure no stray nails or debris is left behind. McCuiston Roofing is a roofing contractor who takes as much care in removing the old roof as installing the new one.